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mannequins and paper dolls by Gorshank mannequins and paper dolls by Gorshank
Another of my rage against society collages.

Teenagers, my generation. So caught up in their polystrene lives. So plastic, So fake.
I dont see much today except a group of socially moulded puppets and mannequins, who without their fix of parties and booze, collapse under their own fragilities, unable to stand up without the puppet masters guidance, they keep falling over, they keep tying their shoes wrong and making the same mistakes.

Blonde hair blue eyes, frim breasts curved hips, low fat and great clothes.

Tall, brown hair, tanned skin, firm jaw, toned body, good abs, shoulders, strong and deep eyes, with cash to splash.

How many adults of either gender do you see that match the above 'ideals' of social existence?
Im not sure what its like in other countries, by for my generation of young australians - that is the shit, if your not that or aiming for it your not cool, your dumb, your a fuck wit, worthy to be beaten up on and abused.

I see the pretentious young girls of 16 walking around on their fake tanned legs, in their short skirts low cut tops smoking their cigarettes swearing likea soldier, acting like their the shit.

"I see that paper doll and i wonder why she wont burn?
I dress her up she knocks me down, i dress her up she knocks me down
They try her on for a size she fits nice, one size fits all."

When are we going to learn, when are we goign to stop throwing the false idols to the society of the teenage world.

People say that the world is fucked up at the moment......

I look around and i cant help feeling its going to get a whole lot worse.....
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Silencers Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2005
I the expressiveness in this piece. More pls :clap:
angel-blackrose Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2005
The image is so powerful...but your words are even more.

Blonde hair blue eyes, frim breasts curved hips, low fat and great clothes.
So true...

Trust me, its the same thing in every country. If you try and be original and have a personality of your own, everyone else hates you.
But did I, for one, ever asked to be loved?

Everyone's just so fake. I wonder how they manage to sleep at night, knowing that they might never wake up again...leaving everything unfinished, unsaid. Unasked. Unanswered. I could die right now; no regret. Becuase I know who I am and I wouldn't change one single bit about me. I am aware of my own existance.
Just like you are, otherwise you wouldn't be making such bold statements with your art. And I admire you so much for this courage of yours. You will in time, adapt, and learn not to bother; tuning out the rest of the world and seeking out others, who like you, are real on the inside. You will probably find them locked up inside their rooms, living at their desks, hooked onto their pcs, drawing or writing away and building lives that will last beyond death.
Gorshank Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2005
Thankyou very much for that comment. :hug:
I do go my own way, despite what they have to say about me. But i dont hate, i really pity them.
I wish they could see the world for what is actually there and not just what they're being shown. I dont blame them and i dont blame society, im just trying to get my point across to society, that such things as truth, loyalty, trust, integrity, hope and respect are still worthyt hings to uphold.
thnx and cheers.
fallenschmetterling Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2005   Photographer
of course there are always so many pepole who feel they must live up to a standard you must not let them alter you
your work is beautiful and moving stay true to yourself
be a leader follow your own idea of what is right for your journey others will be filled with regret for only following others
once again i really like your collage
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