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August 15, 2005
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Still water in clasped hands. A drop, a ripple a perfect illusion. Clasped hands hold still water. A drop a splash a ripple. A perfect moment – shattered.

Cascading stripping away the lines, taking it all away determining my lies. Beneath the raging waterfall I step. Cleansed as I am stripped. Remove the makeup remove the skin. Naked. Naked. Bared. Ferocious and naked I step.

Into the depths I plunge. Aware of this free fall from space. Diving into which I desire leaving all else behind.

Dyed Cloth. Rich in hues of red earth and dust. Below and above the thrumming of the drums of the earth, they grow. Grow. Breathe, swell – destroy.

Ever turning, ever changing, developing this dream changing the wills and re-writing the history in layers of sand. I twist in the womb of the soil. Feeding my passion to live. I race away, stripping the barriers breaking the world.


Still water in clasped hands, a drop, a splash a ripple a perfect illusion. Clasped hands joined. Together holding still water. Together embracing. Together embracing.

The beat of the drop, the echoes of the ripple, the strength at the heart. The wealth of the core. The beauty of the core, the beauty of it all, the rich the red the earth the dust barren plains. The thrumming of the ancients in the soil. Rich swelling and deep. In the voices of the human.

From the waterfall I jump, from this waterfall I fly, down into, head first, down into, free fall, to the embracing of the earth, I fly down.

Embrace this moment, breathe the air, I lose myself in this jump of life. I open up I live to see, I splash on through, into the depths, to greet whatever may come my way. I dive, I dive, and I dive. I live I breathe I thrive. Ride this high to the end I am going further.

I race away further, further, keep going. I run away, keep going, burst through the walls, tearing down the barriers I keep going, I keep going. Racing into the embraces of whatever may come.

Into whatever may come.....
"Reaching out to embrace the Random."

Breathe, live, fight, die. - Its how you do it that matters not when or why. - How.


shadowfoxzero Aug 16, 2005
Well, the structure did seem kind of broken, but that must have been intendid. I liked it though. =)
Wow. I really like this a lot. The imagery is very effective. I imagined myself immersed in your words and the images you laid before the reader, and it felt as if I were there. Gosh you are a good writer :)
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